La Chaîne des Puys

...avec ses volcans enrubannés de nuées....

Henri Pourrat


Chaine vue du Nord

Back-light on the Chain some where in Northern side

There exists much of book-works on the Auvergne volcanos country. The choice is a function of the interest which one carries and of the level of knowledge that one wishes to acquire on the subject. It can be classified in five families:

- photographic books : they display splendid photographs which show the volcanos under their more beautiful aspect. They comprise some information of volcanology. On bookshop and the great surfaces of the country, it is a means of constituting a library of images on the subject. Always expensive.

Dent de la R. et Crête du Coq

The "Crête du Coq" and the "Dent de la Rancune" on The "Massif du Sancy" : other vestiges volcanic of Auvergne

- tourist books, guides of discovered : like the precedents, it can buy on bookshop or on great surfaces. Information contained is variable level, always accessible to general public. Conceived most of the time in the form of booklet, they are of an accessible price.

- the scientific books and theses : of a pointed access, they are reserved to the academics and to scientists who work on the subject. The diffusions being restricted they are not always available. Moreover, the prices are high.

- the scientific books for a larger audience than the precedent : not very many, bound for lit amateurs, for teachers, they makes known of bases of great qualities on the Auvergne volcanic dynamisms. Written carefully by very qualified local scientists, they provide information of reference. They are always sold in bookshop (or at the house of the Park of the Volcanos) at reasonable prices.

- the novels of regional authors : they do not have the same vocation as the precedents, but through the account, they show often how much Auvergnats wove close links with the volcanos.


Sulphur, often present in the volcanic demonstrations, crystallizes while cooling like here on Vulcano (Eolian Islands)


One could not too much recommend the "Volcanologie de la Chaîne des Puys" (in french only) which constitutes a reference work. Conceived and written by a team of recognized scientists, of a level accessible to that which wants to know some more, it provides a considerable amount of information on the Chain. Moreover it is accompanied by the geological map. On "éditions du Parc".

Etna is a volcano of great interest for the discovery of active volcanicity. The book of JC Tanguy and G Patanè, "L'Etna et le monde des volcans" (Etna and the world of the volcanos - Diderot editor), are a source of knowledge of very great quality.

For better apprehending the volcanology world, it is always judicious to have basic works of geology, mineralogy, petrography, etc. A serious encyclopaedia, some booklets in the specialized collections are also recommended.

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