Il revient à l'être humain de donner un sens à la réalité.

Hubert Reeves


The environnement quality

The technologies developed by humanity enabled him to answer to better life wishes. However, activity which results from this became more difficult to control, and the impact significant on a formerly feeder and regenerating nature. The Chain of Puys, spaces a long time insulated, is in this evolution. One will quote some points like the transformations of agricultural activity, growing tourism, transport which upsets the lanes. The awakening, always late compared to the various processes, tends to find solutions compensation. This permanent effort of backup of our environment owes of course being shared by all...

The risks

Careers: pozzolana, and its qualities of heat insulator, is exploited today in more regulated way. Without particular measures, considerable volcanos would have been destroyed or disfigured.

The Chain of Puys was a long time wooded of little trees (hazel trees, beeches...) when a modest pastorale agriculture involved the clearing of the slopes of the volcanos. Now, this activity has reduced to a significant degree. Not maintained surfaces become populated coppice, others are retimbered conifers. These changes have a visible incidence on the landscape. Without ecological risk, this slow transformation affect only the esthetism of the place.

The tourism : modern phenomenon, it is without any doubt a potentially destroying factor to supervise. Victim of their beauty, these landscapes become thousands people assault, who in all good faith, trample, erode an always frail nature of altitude. We cannot fix quotas for these masses, it would be contrary with any ethics, but means must be set up, supplemented by broad information, to offer all to our visitors splendid landscapes, which will respect.

Scales of fences passage : symbols practise alliance of the excursion and farm.

Other installations, such as the staircases, for the hikers avoid the impoverishment of the soil thus.

Still very few, it is time to multiply this equipment before the massive arrival of the visitors, especially in the zones headlights of the Chain.

Tourist initiatives: they are in a normal evolution of the life. To better make known our area is creditable. That must pass obligatorily by reasonable solutions, thought well and complete, which take account of specificities related to the single volcanic assembly unit.

Transportation communication channels: the Chain is geographically an obstacle. Very little populated, it is to day the place of an intense passage. Current transport has, in spite of the technological efforts under development, of the unquestionable effects on nature. Thus, can it say that these landscapes, born there are hardly a few thousands years, will preserve their wild aspect at the court of the futur centuries ? To less than from the eruptions come all to upset...

The invested actors

The communities are well on in first line with the Auvergne Regional Council , the Puy de Dme General Council , and all the communes of the Chain. Conscious of extraordinary geographical inheritance, each one multiplies the projects and the initiatives to emphasize the site. One nevertheless can sometimes question on the perfect agreement of all the partners, because it can exist some divergences.

The associative group, very present but very varied, it can also contribute to the development of the area and its safeguarding.

The Inhabitants are naturally the large actors who move in this splendid decoration. Farmers, or other professions, it is them which depends the fate on the Chain of Puys. With them vigilance, initiatives, loving of this corner d.Auvergne, for the future generations...

Under the Puy de Côme, melted in the greenery, the European Park of Volcanicity: Vulcania, a permanent structure devoted to volcanicity discovery. We can't still wonder about the disproportion of the project, the choice of his site. We wish and do that run with success. Concern lies now in the incidence which will have the additional flux visitors on the Chain, because nothing was created around to preserve the nature of their attacks

The Volcans d'Auvergne deserved a dedicated structure. Created for that in 1977 with the initiative of the Regional Council, the Parc Naturel des Volcans d’Auvergne, bearing on vast wide of which the Chain of Puys occupies the Northern part, answers it. Its missions relate to the development of the social, economic and cultural life, exploitation of the resources, on the protection of this natural environment of a great beauty, left by the generations passed, and on the welcome deployment, factor growing of economic progress. Vast project where innovation, information, animation, pedagogy combine to emphasize and to preserve a superb but a frail area. It's a pity that the Park does not have of Internet site to the height of its engagements.

Well done the Puys de la Vache et de Lassolas installations : explanatory tables, locations, staircases.

To extend highly in the most attended sectors.

On left the southern side of Puy de Pariou in 1985 and... on the right the same southern side in 2000.

Victim of its success, the building is definitively disfigured by the continuous trampling of the visitors which opened a 4 m broad bleeding, without hope of resumption of the grounds and the vegetation. All of the paths of the most visited part is in this state.

There is urgency...

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