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Etna cratère sud-est

Cratère Sud-Est de l'Etna : un soir de mai 98

The list proposed is far from being exhaustive, but it gives the best sites on the subject. Do not hesitate to communicate your addresses to me to supplement it.


- Auvergne sites

- Blogs and References

- Italian volcanos

- American and Pacific volcanoes

- Diverse links

- Sismology sites

- How to see active volcanos

Auvergne sites


Les Volcans d'Auvergne. La Chaîne des Puys

It is of course the best, since you are above... Simple concepts of volcanology, a detailed panorama, animations, a play, and well of other things still, always in evolution... Then speak in around you.

Espace Volcan - Ecole Française de Parapente

Free like the air, the parapente is without any doubt the most beautiful way of discovering the country, with qualified and sympathetic monitors. The site show the services suggested: training flights, flights two-seater for first flights, hotel, restaurant, excursion, etc. A cordial greeting.

Le site du Volcan à ciel Ouvert

A sky ligth vulcano. The site is the prolongation visit of a pozzolana career of an exploitation open to the public, which shows full-scale the entrails of a small volcano. An eceptionnal pedagogic initiative, illustrating the mechanisms of formation of a slag cone. Absolutly to see in place.


The site gives informations about the European Volcanicity Park (Parc Européen du Volcanisme). It is an invitation to an extraordinary visit of volcanos world.



Every necessary and useful informations to discover Auvergne volcanoes: hebergement, activity, leisures, contacts, documentation, etc. And also an exceptionnal presentation in flash. A reference.

To discover Auvergne Volcanos

An opérator to go in the univers of Auvergne Volcanos : Destination Volcans

Driving by a volcanology guide, you will discover the most famous eruptive sites. His explanations will be state on volcanos origin and their eruptive dynamism. A formidable lesson of volcanology in an extraordinary nature !

An exceptionnal Bed and Breakfast : its privileged position inside the chaîne des Puys and his home which combines traditions and arts, make sure one of the most unusual houses in the region. Mark and Maryse, as artists will give an extra dimension to your stay. Gte Le Soleil

The Tazieff International Center for Earth Sciences (CHT) aims to develop public interest in the work of Tazieff, to study it in all its dimensions, scientific, ethical, aesthetic, social, historical and methodological.

Volca-Sancy makes you discover the volcanoes of Auvergne in its Murat le Quaire's reception centre. Stay for groups of school, sports, stays of holidays for children and teenagers, walkers, committees of establishments

Blogs and References


A la découverte des volcans du monde Voted Best Blog of year 2009 the content is all an exceptional range of articles on the volcanoes which poetry gives the story an adventure an exceptional originality. The illustrations that accompany them are obviously high quality. To read day after day.


La passion des volcans The passion of the author of this wonderful blog, crystallizes in the content of its pages. He informs us in real time volcanic activity on the planet, and we share his journeys through stories illustrated by beautiful photographs. In French and English


ACTIV : l'Asssociation pour la Connaissance et la Transmission de l'Information en Volcanologie

This site constitute already a reference as regards knowledge on the volcanicity and all the volcanos of the earth. It is built astutely by specialists for all those which seeks serious information.


The site of LAVE: the association of all impassioned volcanology, amateurs and professionals. Infos on the volcanos of the planet, the accounts of volcanists, the comments of scientists, links and superb photographs.

French volcanologic observatories

Infos on the volcanos supervised by our country. Meeting in the Guadeloupe. To consult obligatorily.

Vulkan-Live Cams

A webcams page provided by the famous Strombolian site. It is enough to choose to leave on the volcano to observe. From day like night...

Fournaise info

Piton de la fournaise site The French volcano in spectacular and permanent activity. News in real time, a welcome to a travel to La Réunion, magnificient volcanic island.

Le portail éducatif francophone sur les risques naturels

Volcanicity is one of the great risks of natural disaster . If the prevision improve with the technics, it remain in spite of a dangerous element for the populations living in the active zones. This pedagogic site informs us and, especially, makes us become aware, seniors and kinders, that our existence rests only on our intelligence.

SSEC - Volcano Watch Satellite Images

It is interesting to see what gives the volcanos seen of the sky, especially the great eruptions whose clouds make the round of planet. Daily news of Sciences Many files

A complete site about Science, news, files, links. A news source.

The site of association Terre et Volcans, the volcanologists and impassioned who will say all to you on the volcanos of the world: dynamism, activity, current events, reports, photographs, bonds, etc

 VolcanoWorld OnlineThe universal site which indexes all the volcanos of the planet and provides a multitude of links. It's a pity that the logo is not more pleasant to look at.


Italian volcanos

Our Italian Friends have the most active Volcanos of Europe. Sites give permanent infos on their activity. Webcams (INGV of Catane) located well, supplement the monitoring of these buildings. The access to these last is often saturated in the event of significant activity. Here links on the four Transalpines Stars.

Le Stromboli

Stromboli On-Line (English)

A volcano of reference, with fatal excesses. The web site is of great quality, with a virtual climbing, images, vidéos, seismic statements (when the instrumentation is not destroyed by the volcano).


The most active volcano of the Europe, and also most complex. A Sicilien universe with whole share that the men invested with respect and humility. The sites make a regular point on the activity, always renewed of the giant. You can see it on the URL as follow :



The notoriety of Vesuvius is not any more to establish. Pompéi, Herculanum, are names which are still in the memories. And the Bay of Naples is beautiful to discover.You come in Napolitan world by sites as follow :

Vesuvius & Campi Flegei by the famous site Stromboli On-Line (English).

Américan and Pacific volcanos

One seen in the chapter on tectonics which the Pacifique plate was not only surrounded by volcanos explosive, but bored in the medium of the Hawaiien archipelago. Here some links on the subject:


Mount St. Helens

It made much speak about him during its explosion in 1980. It is the volcano more supervised of the Earth, America obliges...

USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO), Home Page

Islands which make dream, sun and volcanos...






Traditional. In quasi permanent eruption, clouds of dust, as if you were there.

Diverse links


Santorini Décade Volcano, Greece

The Aegean Islands knew gigantic volcanic episodes. Santorin is those, mystery of Atlantis or not, this site teaches us all on it.


Volcanological Society of Japan

The volcanic character of Japan is not any more to make. It is interesting to see how over there one treats the forecast and the protection of the volcanic phenomena.

Sismology sites



The French sites of seismology which supervise the least quivering of the territory. Results of measurement, files, a source data...



American monitoring. One can confront the results with those of the Européens observatories.



Another site which provides data on the terrestrial seismic activity. Very precise, especially for the movements of the crust on the national territory. To consult without reserve. .


To see active volcanos


Aventure et Volcans

An exceptional operator who proposes travels to the hells with a round trip ticket to be able to speak about it. Guides which make you share their immoderate passion. Once that one has there to taste, one to happen some more. Unforgettable travels.

To know more


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