La Chaîne des Puys

The glance fixed on this irrational horizon, evidence of the Earth madnesses ...

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Welcome on this site.There are, on this planet some extraordinary countries. Auvergne is surely one of them.Volcanic et mysterious, among the landscape which compose it, "La Chaîne des Puys" presents a single natural spectacle, built yesterday, almost today, in the forge of the earth... Of course, the ash clouds are dissipated, the hot breathes are kept silent, the ignous lava flows are cold, but, are these volcanos really deadened for ever ?...

Now, let's go at the discovery of an extraordinary world of a really beauty. This country deserved so much a site...


Puys de Lassolas et La vache

"Les Puys de Lassolas et de La Vache": the youngest volcanos of the alignement

We present the chain under his geological aspect, by taking care not to be too technical. In all the cases, we refer to simple bases of volcanology or geology for better understanding his formation and his constitution. Then, we make a review of the volcanos not be missed. And, for that which carry little importance to the scientific part, there remain the discovery of a still healthy and splendid nature.

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To find it and locate themselves.

The story and the the construction of the "Chaîne" in the chronology of the time which passes.

Volcanic elements:

Simple bases to know how it goes:

- Tectonics: plates which move all time

- the formation of the volcanos: the Earth which breathes

- the volcanic cones : surprising buildings

- volcanic rocks: starting of the elements.

Why volcanos in Auvergne?

Description of the principal buildings: splendid volcanos, review.

Geological evolution: will the "Chaîne" awake?

The environmental question: a single site to protect. Organizations role, projects.

Bibliography - referent books.

To know some more. And a new site on volcanoes

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